Our Team

Denice Rochelle – Founder/Director

Denice Rochelle (she/her) was born in Washington State and has always felt a connection with outdoors, water, and animals. The Pacific Northwest is her home and inspiration. She formed The Bronze Chapter in August 2021 to open more doors to the outdoors for all people of color, to be a catalyst for developing a more skilled outdoor BIPOC community that’s capable of stewarding the Earth for generations to come, and to help people rewrite their outdoor narratives. As an onramp to the outdoors, and through knowledge, skill, and resource sharing, The Bronze Chapter is growing outdoor community and creating opportunities for individuals, couples, and families to improve their health and to change their outdoor legacies. Denice’s professional background is in the legal and real estate industries. See you outside!

Certifications, Training, and such:

ASA and US Sailing 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing
ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising
ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising
Wilderness First Aid
Wilderness First Responder
Wilderness First Aid Instructor
Leave No Trace Level 2 Instructor

Boards, Committees, and such:
North Cascades Institute
Recreate Responsibly Coalition
Washington State Park’s Pro-Equity Anti-Racism team
Livestock Master Foundation

Write to Denice: Denice@TheBronzeChapter.org

Henrik Brameus – Treasurer

Henrik Brameus (he/him) is from Sweden and Swedish culture formed his love for nature and the natural world. In Sweden, there’s what’s called “The Right of Public Access” or “Allemansrätten” which gives everyone the freedom to roam and explore the country’s beauty. As long as you don’t disturb or destroy, people are welcome to enjoy Sweden’s nature. Freedom to Roam means anyone is allowed to enter any land except private residences, the immediate vicinity of a dwelling house, and cultivated land. You can pitch a tent and stay for a night or two depending upon the location. You’re allowed to make a fire, unless there is a fire ban. You’re allowed to pick fire wood on the ground but not break anything that is alive. You’re allowed to catch fish in the five biggest lakes and also along the coastline. You can access any beach unless you enter private residences. You’re also allowed to swim in any lake. And you’re allowed to collect flowers, mushrooms, and berries. This is Swede’s relationship with nature — no barriers or limitations as long as you treat nature with respect. It wasn’t until he moved to the United States that he learned communities of color are extremely underrepresented in the outdoors. He began learning about the connection between racism and the historical barriers to access and participation that still exist. Wanting to be part of the movement towards a more just and equitable outdoors, Henrik helped to form The Bronze Chapter. Henrik has served in various positions in Toastmasters International clubs and was an elected Cemetery Commissioner on the Skagit Cemetery District 4 Board.

Write to Henrik: Henrik@TheBronzeChapter.org

Hafidha Acuay – Secretary

Hafidha Acuay (she/her) was first introduced to the great outdoors when she joined the Northwest Youth Corps two weeks before her 18th birthday. As a blue collar city girl from New York, most of what she’d known about nature came from reading books like Anne of Green Gables and Walden. The experience of living and laboring in the national forests with a ragtag crew of young people put her face-to-face with the majesty of wilderness and revealed an inner strength she hadn’t known she possessed. In the decades since, Hafidha has gradually developed her hiking, camping, and mountaineering skills, mainly through one-on-one and small group interactions. She gives appreciation to all her outdoor teachers! She believes in the mission of The Bronze Chapter and is thankful to plug in where she can. See you on the path!

Write to Hafidha: Hafidha@TheBronzeChapter.org