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The Beauty of Community Relationships

As The Bronze Chapter slowly grows and unfolds like a new flower blooming in the Spring, our community relationships are expanding and creating an even more verdant garden for our community to enjoy. We feel now is a good time to talk about how we relate with our community at large and how our community can relate with us. Our Community Relations Statement The Bronze Chapter (hereinafter “TBC”) collaborates and partners with several fantastic community groups, organizations, and sponsors (collectively known as Friends of The Bronze Chapter) to serve our BIPOC outdoor-loving community. These Friends are linked on our homepage. …

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A conversation: Barriers to the Outdoors for Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (and solutions)

On Thursday, March 31, 2022, Denice Rochelle (Founder and Director of The Bronze Chapter) and Ashleigh Shoecraft (Founder and Executive Director of Braided Seeds) facilitated a conversation about some of the barriers that communities of color face in their enjoyment of the outdoors and some potential solutions. This conversation was hosted by Diana Knight (Bellingham Outdoor Women Facebook group).


UNO. Various decks. You gotta know the rules of each deck. And you gotta play your game. Every player for themselves. Serious duty at camp. What's YOUR favorite card?