The Bronze Chapter is about growing a more skilled and confident outdoor BIPOC community. This Black woman founded and run organization is committed to creating outdoor access, education, and opportunities that help people of color of all gender associations bridge “the Adventure Gap” in nature-based outdoor recreation. Being exposed to and participating in camping, backpacking, and other outdoor recreation in a peer environment is a skill pathway that can take us where we want to go — and places we never imagined going. Lovely state parks, magnificent wilderness and backcountry places, and countless spaces in between, we’re out here!

We encourage relationships with the outdoors through campouts, activities and classes, learning how to become advocates for nature and the planet, and invigorating our connection with the natural world.

We offer outdoor opportunities and education to those who have been excluded from many outdoor activities due to the enduring impact of historical racism. We increase access, decrease barriers, and promote participation in the cultural, health, inspirational, and spiritual benefits of the outdoors while providing fun and enriching experiences where we can learn and improve skills and knowledge that equip us for safe, joyous, confident, and life-enhancing connections with nature and various outdoor pursuits. 

We discover and connect with the natural environment, learning why it’s important to be the best stewards of our land and marine environments that we can and how this strengthens our connection to the wisdoms of nature. Marian Wright Edelman said, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” This is why Representation Matters! The Bronze Chapter is a place where underrepresented communities of color can rewrite their outdoor narratives through exposure, discovery, and adventure. 

These experiences can:
provide needed rejuvenation, relaxation, and rest;
inspire awe, respect, and creativity;
expose mysteries of the Natural World;
lead to developing deep and nurturing relationships with nature;
influence advocacy and the exploration of careers in the outdoor industry;
and so much more!