Evening Sunset Sailing Tours (June, July, August 2023)

Join Community Boating Center and The Bronze Chapter and set sail toward an incredible evening on beautiful Bellingham Bay! This guided sail will cruise past local sights and the incredible natural beauty of the area. Take part in sailing the boat or just sit back and relax. After two hours on the water with us you’ll be dreaming of sailing off into the sunset!

No experience required, just a sense of fun and adventure! We ask that you don’t drink alcohol before or during the sail and anyone appearing intoxicated won’t be allowed to participate. 

Offering on-water experiences and building a more skilled BIPOC outdoor Community is extremely important. Sailing is an intimidating sport with high barriers to entry and extremely low Black and Brown participation. Come learn some things about our marine environment and feel the awe, freedom, and confidence that sailing brings.

Through these Sunset Sails, you’ll experience sailing and feeling the power of catching and being moved by the wind. You’ll get to contribute to small safe tasks and watch the setting sun from the salty Salish Sea. With senses fully immersed, you’ll get to experience the quiet connection of Earth Air and Water that being moved by wind provides.

Dates: June 10, July 8, August 12
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $30
Place: Community Boating Center, 555 Harris Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225
Lodging: If you’d like to stay and participate in other programs let us know so we can pass along info for area stay or camping options

We couldn’t do this without the awesome team at Community Boating Center that is committed to supporting BIPOC community in the movement towards a more diversified outdoors.

Participant Praise:

“Being able to participate in actually sailing the boat (steering, tacking, adjusting the jib) with guidance gave me confidence that sailing is something I could learn to do.”

“Great Black instructor and wonderful learning experience!”

“I learned to make adjustments by feeling if the boat was happy or not.”

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