IMPACT Personal Safety + Girls Fight Back Teach Self-Defense for the Outdoors & Beyond (May 6, 2023)


What in the world would open up for you if you felt safe?

If lacking confidence or feeling unsafe has kept you from enjoying the psychologically nourishing, physically stimulating, and soul-soothing benefits of the outdoors and you’re female identifying age 16+, this workshop was created for you!

It only happens once a year that we bring in from Los Angeles Black instructors Nicole Snell (Girls Fight Back) and Matt Harris (IMPACT Personal Safety with his padded assailant suit) for a custom BIPOC-centered day of full-contact full-voice self-defense instruction. What they bring will help you reclaim your right to move through spaces outside and beyond. We’re also bringing back Chef Wayne Johnson (challenging chef on Iron Chef America) to prepare our lunch.

The best fight is the one that didn’t happen, so we’ll be working on connecting with our intuition. You’ll learn to identify situations and how to employ communication to reduce and deflect hostile energy. You’ll practice boundary setting safely through realistic scenarios, learning to avoid confrontation when possible and incapacitate a single, unarmed assailant if necessary. Scenarios will include defending yourself if attacked from behind, from the front, and on the ground. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to respond to realistic, high-stress situations. This is a take-no-prisoners space. You’ll learn (or remember) to use your full vocal command as well as your full striking strength because you deserve to be protected. This is an adrenaline-inducing workshop, so register today and bring your whole self to the space.

Date:May 6 2023
Capacity:16 girls/women ages 16+ (minors must be accompanied by an adult)
Place:Samish Island Community Center (Bow, WA) ~ 70 miles north of Seattle
Arrive and check in8:45 am
Workshop begins9:00 am
Vegetarian lunch served by Chef Wayne Johnson12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Workshop ends3:30 pm
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