Let’s talk Grizz: A presentation & discussion about grizzly bears in the North Cascades (November 2022)

The Bronze Chapter has partnered with National Parks Conservation Association and Seward Park Audubon Center to talk about the majestic Grizzly bear.

Grizzly bears roamed Washington’s North Cascades for thousands of years, but now none remain. Come learn about the challenges facing the species and current efforts to bring the bears back to their wild mountain habitat.

Together we’ll explore the history of the bears in the North Cascades, their role in the ecosystem, the relationship their conservation has with ongoing environmental justice, and important lessons for how you can recreate successfully (and safely!) in bear country.

Graham Taylor will present and take questions about the role the National Parks Conservation Association has had, in partnership with the Friends of the North Cascades Grizzly, to restore the last missing species to North Cascades National Park – the grizzly bear!

And, because it’s Science, Nature and a Biscuit, tea and biscuits will be served with butter and jam.

Who: The Bronze Chapter, National Parks Conservation Association, Seward Park Audubon Center, and You!

What: Let’s talk Grizz – A presentation & discussion about grizzly bears in the North Cascades.

When: Sunday, November 20th. Arrive at 1:30pm for mingling with hot biscuits and tea. Presentation runs from 2:00pm to 3:30pm.

Seward Park Audubon Center
5902 Lake Washington Blvd S
Seattle, WA 98118

Why: Learn about our natural heritage, and how you can recreate successfully in bear country.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. This is a special presentation. 10 seats are reserved for The Bronze Chapter supporters so please only register if you are absolutely sure you will attend.

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