IMPACT Personal Safety + Girls Fight Back Teach Self-Defense for the Outdoors & Beyond (May 2022)

This incredibly empowering class will help you feel more ready, more able, and more confident to move in outdoor spaces and through daily life in general. Safety is a known barrier that keeps women of color from freely enjoying the healthful benefits of outdoor and wilderness spaces. This class is designed to be a safe space for all attendees to learn valuable verbal and physical self-defense skills to feel confident managing your safety in various contexts. The session will be team taught by 2 Black instructors (a female lead and male padded instructor), both with years of experience teaching self-defense and violence prevention techniques. IMPACT classes are unique because it is women’s self-defense taught by women, and they utilize realistic scenarios with a focus on adrenaline management, which makes the training immediately useful. We’ll learn simple skills that can replace the fear that stops us from doing the things we want to do and give us access to our power. 

Join us for a day of full contact and verbal self-defense training where you’ll connect with your inner badass, your voice, your strength, your inherent authority. Training topics include: verbal de-escalation, boundary setting, stranger and familiar scenarios, and full-contact physical self-defense techniques for addressing danger from various positions.

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The skills you learn in this class can be applied regardless of whether you’re enjoying the wilderness, walking around your block, or nesting in your home. You are worth fighting for!

Meet the instructors

Nicole Snell: You may have seen Nicole’s Instagram and Facebook pages or posts in Black Girls Trekkin, or heard or read her interviews. Nicole has a passion for empowering women, advocating for women’s rights, and making the world a safer place for people of all gender identities. She is dedicated to bringing the message of living a fearless life and combating violence to millions of people across the country. Nicole is the CEO of Girls Fight Back, Founder of Outdoor Defense and is a lead instructor with both IMPACT Personal Safety & IMPACT Global. Her self-defense training includes hundreds of hours with IMPACT Personal Safety, Defense Against the Armed Assailant training, FAST defense, and the GFB Speaker Academy. She’s traveled the world speaking and facilitating workshops on violence prevention, empowerment and self-defense at military installations, colleges, high schools, Fortune 500 companies, corporations, outdoor women’s retreats, hiking organizations, and private groups.

Matt Harris: Matt is a padded instructor for IMPACT Personal Safety, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is woman owned and run. They have over 35 years of experience teaching self-defense around the world to people of all genders, ability levels, and ages.  All of their classes are team taught by a woman lead instructor and a padded instructor.  Their classes implement the use of full-contact, adrenaline based, realistic scenarios to create muscle memory within the students.  Since the human response to fear or stress is a rush of adrenaline, they teach using real life scenarios that allow students to feel what it is like to experience the adrenal state. This is what makes IMPACT training more realistic and more practical along with their focus on simple movements vs. complicated techniques. They also put a significant emphasis on verbal techniques and verbal scenario role play to help students learn how to set boundaries and speak up for themselves because the best fight is the one you never have to fight!  Students who have taken their classes report that the feeling of safety, empowerment, and communication skills that they learn from their IMPACT training translates into their daily personal, outdoors, and professional lives.

Date: May 21, 2022
Time: 9am – 3:30pm
Class fee: $100
Ages: 16+
Max capacity: 16
Location: Samish Island Community Center
Address: 11292 Blue Heron Rd, Bow, WA 98232
Lunch: Provided by local renowned Chef Wayne Johnson