IMPACT Personal Safety + Girls Fight Back Teach Self-Defense for the Outdoors & Beyond (May 2022)

Class report:

This class was Profound Transformation. In six hours, our Black instructors Nicole Snell and Matthew Harris brought a most valuable gift … the opportunity for each woman to re-connect with their innate Confidence and Boldness, their Yes and No, their Bodies, their Voices, their Freedom. They showed that we walk around with tools and they’re at our disposal any time we need them. Women who arrived modest left with a posture, vocal command, and an excitement to retake control of their lives that can’t be described with words. The element of a suited assailant allowed us to practice full-force full-contact techniques in real-life situations and scenarios and it was INVALUABLE. It was a full day and Chef Wayne Johnson made sure we were well nourished.

Participant Praise:
Do this for yourself. Do this for your daughter, your mother, your future generations. Learn that you are your own autonomous being, worthy of self defense, regardless of the strictures set upon women by society, religion, nationality, etc. And then pass that lesson along.

I chose to register because I’ve never taken a self defense class before. I know I’ve allowed fear to keep me from doing some outdoor activities alone. Seeing that this class is taught by a black woman was a deciding factor in my choice to attend. I am grateful The Bronze Chapter exists, because representation matters. This event provided a safe space to learn from someone I can identify with. Someone to teach me skills and promote confidence and trust within myself.

I walked away from this class with less fear in my heart and a noticeable boost in self confidence. The skills I learned have given me the confidence to hike or camp alone and trust that I can defend myself—using my own body–if put in a situation where I needed to do so to protect my life.

Gratitude to each brave, courageous woman who felt fear and came to class anyway. It was an honor being part of your transformation and how you’re rewriting your narrative Outdoors & Beyond. Our Black instructors Nicole Snell (owner, Girls Fight Back) and Matthew Harris (Instructor, IMPACT Personal Safety). Chef Wayne Johnson. Darcy Smith. Justice Outside. You supported Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color in the movement towards a more racially-just outdoors.