Daroga State Park (group site 2) (August 2022)

7/21/2022 UPDATE: Youth 17 and under camp free courtesy of sponsorship by BraidedSeeds.org.

New campers, come learn to camp with us. 
Seasoned campers, ya’ll know what to do!

Join The Bronze Chapter August 5-8 as we celebrate our second annual epic melanated group campout at Daroga State Park on the shoreline of the Columbia River. All persons of color, our multi-racial families, LGBTQ+, and allies are welcome in this safe space.

In July 2021, we hosted two 5-day campouts and enjoyed the magic of over 100 POC camping together. This year, the magic will be even stronger as we add a more robust learning and educational component to the campout and youth 12 and under will be able to go through the Junior Ranger Program complete with achievement awards and ceremony. We’ll enjoy outdoor movies about the history of the area. And there’ll be hands-on learning activities such as fire building and knot tying. The outdoor movies will be shown after dusk on Saturday and Sunday evenings. And the hands-on activities will be offered on Saturday and Sunday.

This beautiful area is rich in hiking, wine tasting, mountain biking, water sports, and sunset gazing. You won’t wanna miss it! If you haven’t camped at Daroga you won’t believe everything visually spectacular about this land on the elevated edge of the desert scablands. The deep and rich color-scapes of Entiat Valley and the western hillside during vibrant sunsets, the beauty of the 1.5 miles long Columbia River shoreline, and the dreamy blue skies. 

This was the homeland of the Entiat, one of the smallest tribes of several Salish-speaking groups that dwelled along the course of the Columbia in what is now Eastern Washington. The tribe’s original name, Entiatqua, has been translated as both “rapid water” (most widely used) and “place of grassy water”.

The name Daroga comes from the first letters in the first names of the three Auvil brothers – Dave, Robert, and Grady – who started an orchard and ranch at this site in 1928. The brothers developed a new type of peach on the ranch, “the Daroga Peach.” In 1981, Grady Auvil sold the property to the state.

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This group site has all the comforts – a large shelter with sink and electrical outlets, flat grass, some shade trees, a walking path to the main campground, and a large modern restroom building. The park is approximately halfway between Lake Chelan to the north and Wenatchee to the south, which makes it a convenient jumping-off point for hiking, scenic drives, touring, and wine tasting. 

Camp dates: August 5-8, 2022
Ages: All (parents must be responsible for their children at all times)
Arrival: 2:30 pm Friday August 5, 2022 
Departure: 1:00 pm Monday August 8, 2022
Camp fee: $40 per adult 18 years of age +. Youth 17 and under are sponsored by Braided Seeds.
Doggies: No puppers allowed without prior permission from The Bronze Chapter. Allowed pups must be kept on leash at all times
Camp culture: Our culture is FUN in Zero Drama Zone. In respect of park rules and Leave No Trace Principles, no water balloons; no chalk writing on any surfaces; no willfully ignoring park rules or behaving in ways that negatively impact the experience of other campers; no damaging or harming grass, trees, plants, animals or park property
Max capacity of people and vehicles: About 75 people and about 40 cars (overflow parking is at the main campground). Camper vans are ok. Anyone wanting to bring an RV be sure to contact us prior to registering as parking space is limited and there are 3 available electrical and water hookups.
Address: Group site 2 approximately 1/2 mile from the main campground. Exact coordinates will be emailed to campers
Services: Gas station with small convenience store is nearby. Major services are in Wenatchee and Chelan
Parking: On-site. Limited to about 40 spaces so carpooling is encouraged
Facilities: Full modern bathroom building (sinks, showers, toilets)
Fun bring ideas include: Adventure diary, kayak/canoe/SUP + life jacket, floaty, pool noodle, snorkel set, water/trail/hiking shoes, bicycle, book, camera, art supplies, compass, reef safe mosquito repellant, reef-safe sunscreen, fishing gear (does require a license)