BIPOC Wilderness First Aid Certification Class (January 2022)

On January 15-16, 2022, we hosted our first class of the year and our first class as an organization. 15 students made it through two long days and 20 hours of of in-person, on-point education while 5 others who couldn’t make it to class were supported into the online program. Led by Dr. Eddie Hill, our excellent instructor from MEDIC Solo who graciously traveled from Virginia just to teach our class, we received clear information, role played a variety of scenarios, and had some deep and thoughtful conversations that never happen in Euro-centric classes and don’t often even happen in BIPOC classes. The days were long but we were well nourished by Chef Wayne Johnson and his wife Sally who kept us going with a culturally-relevant menu that included gumbo, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, salad, veggies and cookies.

Seeing these melanated faces and hearing the stories of folx who came to learn life-saving outdoor skills in this peer environment was soul-filling and meaningful for all involved. Advocating for underrepresented communities of color in outdoor recreation through bridging the Adventure Gap is what The Bronze Chapter is about.

Gratitude to: MEDIC Solo. Instructor Dr. Eddie Hill. Chef Wayne Johnson and Sally Johnson. Justice Outside. My JoAnn. And our generous photographers Rebecca Ross and Freya Fennwood who documented our experience.